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Renters Insurance in Rochester, New York

Home is where you keep everything that matters to you. Even for those who rent a house, condo, or apartment, protecting your home is a must. Renters insurance can help you to safeguard your belongings if there’s an accident in your rented space.

When you rent a property, there’s no need to buy insurance for the whole building. While landlord insurance takes care of the building and structure, what most renters don’t know is that landlord insurance doesn’t cover the renter’s property or liability. For this reason, acquiring the right renters coverage is essential.

With a renters insurance policy, you can receive the following coverage and more:

  • Your belongings: If your precious items are damaged or destroyed due to a covered event, insurance will step in to repair or replace them. Renters insurance may not cover all of your things or protect you from every kind of loss, so keep reading!
  • Liability risk: Insurance can cover medical expenses and legal representation when someone is injured on your property and they charge you with negligence and a hefty lawsuit. From dog bites to a drunken guest damaging your belongings, insurance can cover risks to which you are exposed.
  • Expensive items: Every policy has its limits. If your high-value items are not covered by standard insurance, you may need additional coverage in the form of a rider to protect these expensive items and priceless belongings.
  • Severe disasters: In standard renters insurance policies, flood, earthquake, and man-made disasters are excluded. For protection for these events, separate policies must be acquired.

Your rented space is full of things that you love and is funded by your hard-earned money. Don’t let a disaster or incident cause you financial strain or put your belongings in harm’s way. With the right renters insurance policy, you’re able to protect yourself, your wallet, and your possessions.

Renters insurance - Rochester, NY

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