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Commercial Property Insurance in Rochester, New York

When you run busy premises, you need everything in one simple insurance package. Because your business is unique, you also need the flexibility to choose the extras that suit your company and budget. Whether you own a building, lease your workspace, or work from home, business property insurance protects your business’ physical assets.

Savvy business owners know that it only takes one blow to hinder operations.  Disasters, natural or otherwise, can shut down a company for an extended period of time, often leading to a permanent closure. All businesses are at risk of disasters, big and small, and taking preventative steps is one way to safeguard any given asset. With a comprehensive business property insurance plan, your company has the resources, support, and financial assistance to get back on its feet – quickly!

Commercial property insurance in New York typically covers the following:

  • Your buildings and fixtures: Coverage protects the signs, fences, furniture, equipment, parking lot, outdoor areas, and landscaping from damage and loss.
  • Business interruption: If your business must close after a covered peril to repair and rebuild, insurance will make up the shortfall of your income.
  • Inventory and cash on premises: As part of the additional coverage, this protects stock on hand and cash from theft and loss.
  • Damage from events: Protects the building and its contents from a fire, storm, burst water pipe, vandalism, theft, and natural disasters.

For protection from earthquakes, floods, and breakage of glass, additional coverage may be required. The essential items to insure through commercial property are the building, office equipment, inventory, and outdoor items on the premises, as these are all essential for daily operations. Before you secure a policy, conduct an inventory of your business. You will need to know what property to insure as well as replacement values of all old and new items.

Commercial Property insurance - Rochester, NY

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